Blogs, Articles & Guides from the Team at RAW Digital Training

Blogs, Articles and How To Guides from the Team at RAW Digital Training

13th June 2016
What is influencer marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing? A Guide for Small Businesses

What exactly is influencer marketing? Find out how harness the power of the most influential people in the online world for your brand.
13th May 2016

7 Reasons Why Blogging is Vital for Businesses

Blogging has become an extremely powerful marketing tool. We have put together our 7 reasons why blogging is vital for your business!
11th May 2016
Facebook Spam

Facebook spam, phishing for your details

Spam on Facebook is as ubiquitous as the platform itself, and there are always a steady stream of fear-inducing poppycock doing the proverbial rounds. To highlight some of the easy-to-spot issues that jump out on these cons, and hopefully keep you from clicking on such things, here's a couple of pointers to take away.
6th May 2016
5 tips to optimise your Twitter profile

5 Quick tips to optimise your Twitter profile

Are you not sure how to optimise your Twitter profile? We've collated 5 quick tips to get the most out of your Twitter profile.
4th May 2016
Get Started with Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business: Ads and Analytics

Get Started with Pinterest for Business: Part 2 – Ads and Analytics In the second instalment of our ‘Get Started with Pinterest for Business’ series we’ll be […]
22nd April 2016
Overcome Writer's Block, The Blogger Edition

Overcome Writer’s Block: The Blogger Edition

Writer's block is one of the most frustrating parts of writing a blog, we've got a few tips and you should come away with a few blog ideas!
20th April 2016

Get Started with Pinterest for Business

This article will show you how to get started with Pinterest for Business including our 6 top tips for pinning as a business.
17th April 2016

8 Facebook Stats to shape up your marketing!

We're all aware of how powerful Facebook is as a marketing tool, if used correctly. We've collated a few stats to help you improve your Facebook marketing!
15th April 2016

10 Social Media Crimes

We explain what not to do on social media, some of these tips are self explanatory but these social media crimes are committed on a daily basis!
14th April 2016
The Digital Skills Gap

The Digital Skills Gap

Due to the shift in how we use technology in the workplace, the UK is facing a demonstrable digital skills gap made clear by the latest research findings.
12th April 2016
Hootsuite Opens Platform to Empower Digital Transformation Initiatives

Hootsuite Opens Platform to Empower Digital Transformation Initiatives

New open APIs enable seamless integration between Hootsuite and other mission critical technology solutions, driving efficiency and improving the overall customer journey
8th April 2016
Facebook remove 20% text limit

Facebook Lifts the 20% Rule on Ads

History of the Facebook Ads 20% text rule…. We’re all aware of the rule that was put in place in January 2013? The one where in […]
4th April 2016
Stop Turning on Notifications

Instagram: STOP Turning On Notifications!

What is happening with Instagram's algorithm?! Panic over, you don't need to turn on post notifications for everyone you follow!
2nd March 2016

How you can follow someone on Facebook

This little-known feature on Facebook is actually really useful for individual brands for which it isn't appropriate to create a Facebook Page. For example, I often share articles and tips on my Facebook feed, if your preferred network is Facebook, you may choose to follow RAW's Facebook Page and/or follow me personally. But I'm not a company, organisation or similar business - I'm me. So creating a Facebook Page for me isn't the right way to go.
26th February 2016
Canva Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software

Canva: Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software

Canva is remarkably simple graphic design software for people who are looking to create images/graphics but aren't comfortable with Photoshop etc. Find out all you need to know about Canva here!
25th February 2016
Facebook reaction emoji gif

Facebook’s new ‘Reactions’ feature goes live!

Now you can do more than just 'Like' a post... Facebook has rolled out their latest 'Reactions' feature, which has overhauled the 'Like' button. Find out everything you need to know i this article.
17th February 2016
The complete guide to hashtags

The Complete Guide to Hashtags

Hashtags are a way of indexing social media posts by highlighting keywords or phrases of importance and making those particular words or phrases searchable. Hashtags can also be used within online conversations making it easier for people to follow, join in and engage within a conversation amongst a group of people all over the world, in one place.
17th February 2016
Kick Start Your Social Media Strategy

Kick Start Your Social Media Strategy

On a daily basis we hear businesses explain why they've been putting off social media marketing month after month, and usually it's down to the misconceptions that it will take up to much time and they just never get round to actually starting the process of building social media channels. We're here to help you!