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7th April 2017

Digital skills for employment – a learners view

Dean Chaffer is a recent participant on our On Route Digital Programme, he shares his thoughts on the experience….   Why did you decide to enrol […]
25th November 2016

Celebrating our successes of 2016

We take a look back at a brilliant year for RAW Digital Training.
15th November 2016

5 Small Business Tips for Christmas Digital Marketing

5 Small Business Tips for Christmas Digital Marketing With Christmas almost upon us, businesses everywhere are beginning their Christmas Digital Marketing campaigns. Eagerly awaited Christmas adverts from […]
14th October 2016
Social Media Weekly Digest October

Social Media Weekly Digest

It's been quite a quiet week on the social media updates front, we are sharing updates from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook with you in this week's Social Media Weekly Digest.
7th October 2016
Social Media Weekly Digest October

Social Media Weekly Digest

We've rounded up the latest social media updates within our Social Media Weekly Digest, including updates from Facebook and Twitter.
23rd September 2016
Social Media Weekly Digest October

Social Media Weekly Digest

In this weeks Social Media Weekly Digest, we've got updates and announcements from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.
22nd September 2016

8 Essential Steps to Create Engaging Content

It's essential for businesses to create good content to reach out to their audience, but with so much content on one subject now readily available, how can we ensure our audience will read our content? Follow our advice in creating good engaging copy and results should follow!
7th September 2016
5 Tools To Transform Your Small Business

5 Tools To Transform Your Small Business

We've listed our top 5 small business tools which will not only save you heaps of money, but they will improve your efficiency and save a lot of time.
5th September 2016

My Internship with RAW

As a Marketing Management graduate straight out of University I was looking for some hands on experience in the field of marketing. Luckily for me, I […]
2nd September 2016

Social Media Weekly Digest

In this weeks Social Media Weekly Digest,we’ve got new updates and features from Facebook & Snapchat...
26th August 2016

The Weekly Round Up

This week, we share with you new updates from Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.
17th August 2016

A Third of Adults Are Switching Off Tech in ‘Digital Detox’ Surge

In the UK, 15 million people (1 in 3) have undergone a 'digital detox' this year in order to strike a healthier balance between technology, and life.
15th August 2016

Twitter Advanced Search and why you should be using it.

Twitter search has many advanced options to help you reach the correct target audience. Here we will show you how to use Twitter advanced search.
1st August 2016
Periscope for business

Periscope for Business

Periscope is the focus of this week's blog in the series on real-time digital marketing. Take a look at how you can use Periscope for your business.
18th July 2016

Snapchat : Real-time digital marketing

This blog post is following on from our previous posts on real-time digital marketing and this time we're focusing on Snapchat.
15th July 2016

Facebook Live : Real-time digital marketing

This post is the second in a series on real-time digital marketing and will cover Facebook Live and how to utilise it for business.
4th July 2016
What is real-time digital marketing cover image

Real-time Digital Marketing

Real-time digital marketing is allowing brands to connect with their customers in new ways on platforms that are engaging and multimedia rich. This 4-part blog series will look at real-time digital marketing as a concept before delving into Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope.
13th June 2016
5 quick tips

Influencer Marketing: 5 Quick Tips for Developing Successful Relationships

Check out our 5 quick tips for engaging with and developing mutually beneficial relationships to enhance your influencer marketing efforts.
15th February 2016
15 Tips for Compelling Company Updates

15 Tips for Compelling Company Updates on LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page?  LinkedIn Company Updates, shared from your Company Page, are a powerful way to reach professionals with relevant content across […]
3rd February 2016
How do I Remove a Connection From LinkedIn?

How do I Remove a Connection From LinkedIn?

During your time on LinkedIn, there’s a chance that you may have connected with people you wish you hadn’t.  Or maybe you’ve just decided that you […]
15th June 2015
Why you should be posting your blog on LinkedIn

Why you should be posting your blog on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has launched its new publishing platform pulse. If you’re publishing on LinkedIn, you’re already sharing your insights and positioning yourself as a thought leader with […]
9th June 2015

Are these the worst LinkedIn profiles ever?

Finding the right tone for your LinkedIn profile can be tricky. You want to be clear that you’re awesome without boundaries, but you probably don’t want […]
8th February 2015
If you build it they will come

How do I get More Followers: The Field of Dreams

How do I get more followers? Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions we get, is still a pretty logical one.  We all ‘get’ the […]
24th November 2014

Oi! Person I just met! BUY FROM ME!

Try selling to someone you’ve just met on the street Try it, walk up to a stranger on the street and immediately start selling to them. […]
5th August 2014

Are there people you should be linkedin with?

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, it allows you to connect with people online, that you have business relationships with.  This could […]