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Whether you are a non-digital company looking for your first social media marketing apprentice, or you’re a massively digital company looking to build your internal talent pipeline of developers - we are here to help you.

Our RAW Digital Talent Programme discovers and develops digital talent from around the region and our service to you is free. Our learners have accessed our transformational tech programme with industry led training in everything from Social Media and Digital Marketing, IT and Software Development. Our programmes are short, intensive and focussed. We showcase the digital career opportunities in the region and the various routes to access employment in the sector, and ensure participants have the soft skills that employers like you want.

Our learners are brilliant, they are hungry, they turn up every day for their life changing courses and are determined to enter a digital career. We are training new candidates, and supporting candidates into jobs constantly.

If you are looking for your next apprentice, look no further than our programme. We understand employers are looking for apprentices to be a little more prepared, and that’s why we give ours a head start with their tech skills, their understanding of the apprenticeship standard, and the soft skills needed to sustain successful employment in the workplace.

Call us today on - 01642 688411

Email - Buy Arrow Tramadol