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Facebook Live : Real-time digital marketing

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Real-time Digital Marketing
4th July 2016
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18th July 2016

This blog post is the second in a series covering real-time digital marketing. This post will cover Facebook Live and the ways in which you can use this platform to market your business and interact with your customers.

Facebook is taking real-time digital marketing to a new level by introducing Facebook Live.

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast a live video to your timeline and interact with your customers who comment or react to your video. When users comment on live videos they can get an instant response from the broadcaster which is bridging the gap in social media from asking a question and getting a response. With Facebook Live you can see and react to all of the comments from your customers instantly and generate content that your customers are interested in by getting first hand feedback on your digital content. Below is how you will see your Facebook Live broadcast and the comments section will fill up with any queries from your customers. Those who ‘like’ your Facebook page will get a notification as soon as you go live which is a great way to get the message out there about your live broadcast and is a chance to attract more viewers. Once you end your live broadcast, the video will remain on your profile to be viewed, shared and re-shared by your audience until you decide to remove it. This is one of the great features of Facebook Live as you can share the video again at a later time to engage customers who missed out and give them the chance to catch up with your social media content.


One of the great things about Facebook Live is that you can analyse the performance of your video. Facebook Live gives you the chance to see how many people are viewing the video, peak times that people tuned in, reactions, comments and shares, so that you can see how well your customers engage with your content and where to take your Facebook Live content next. According to Mark Zuckerberg, in 5 years time, Facebook with mostly be video. This shows just how powerful video is and how it is changing the way in which we use social media.

Digital is constantly evolving and Facebook has taken the leap into the video era. Competing with other platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope, Facebook have created Facebook Live to enable businesses to use an already successful platform and create endless possibilities for business on Facebook. On average, consumers spend 3x longer watching a live video than they do an older video. So, instead of asking ‘why?’, the question should be ‘why not?’. Changing the game of social media is what Facebook have excelled at, and now they have taken the next step and gone all video in an all digital age. If you think your business could benefit from getting involved, take a look at the top tips we’ve come up with for starting your Facebook Live journey.

5 top tips for utilising Facebook Live

1 – Plan ahead.

Let your customers know when you will be going live with a Facebook post so they can know to tune in. This will boost your audience as more people will know that you are going live and this can spread the word about your Facebook Live broadcasts.

2 – Practice.

Do a run through of your broadcast to get to grips with live broadcasting. Talking to a camera might seem a bit strange at first, so make sure to have a practice, perhaps on your personal Facebook page or with a friend or colleague, to get to grips with the camera and comments section so that you can utilise Facebook Live from day one.

3 – Write a good description.

Your live broadcast description is the first thing customers will see before deciding whether to tune in to your live broadcast so make sure your description is eye-catching and sums up what you plan to cover in your broadcast. Use the description to put across the personality of your brand to entice more viewers.

4 – Communicate.

When you are broadcasting live to your customers, read their comments and answer their questions. You may find that the same questions come up from a number of customers – this can give you an idea of what your customers really want to know. You might even tailor a broadcast to a specific theme that you have noticed your customers react to really well.

5 – Learn from your mistakes.

Using a live broadcasting platform will always see people make mistakes. This is all a learning curve when turning to something like Facebook Live as a marketing platform. Use this to your advantage and keep track of what works for your company and what doesn’t. You can use the analytics of Facebook Live to see when people tune in and how long they stay with you for which is a great way to learn when your customers are more likely to join your broadcast and you can tailor your Facebook Live broadcasts around this.

Don’t forget to keep a look out for more blog posts on the real-time digital marketing series in the next few weeks.

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