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Influencer Marketing: 5 Quick Tips for Developing Successful Relationships

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13th June 2016
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5 quick tips

Influencer Marketing : 5 Quick Tips for Developing Successful Relationships

We recommend, if you haven’t already, to first read our ‘What is Influencer Marketing? A Guide for Small Businesses’ before reading this post. In this post we look at how to develop successful relationships with influencers through 5 quick tips:

1. Do your Research

Is your brand relevant to your chosen Influencer’s interests? Despite how great your product or business proposal is, if it’s not relevant to the Influencer and their audience, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be willing to work with you. Remember, every individual influencer is developing their own online brand. If they start promoting everything and anything that pops into their inbox their credibility and authenticity will quickly plummet. Just because you’re offering something for free doesn’t automatically guarantee your offer will be accepted and a lot of brands seem to forget that.

A great way to identify bloggers in a certain niche or geographical location on platforms that use #hashtags is by #hashtag research. Bloggers and influencers tend to consistently use certain hashtags relevant to their content and / or location. For example:


North East England Bloggers – #nebloggers

Leeds Bloggers – #leedsbloggers

London Bloggers – #londonbloggers

Food Bloggers – #foodbloggers

Beauty Bloggers – #bbloggers, #beautybloggers, #bbloggersuk

2. Remember, Influencers are still Human

If your brand is relevant to the influencer you are reaching out to, you still need to make sure you take some time to learn more about who you’re talking to first. Try to make your emails personal, do some background research on the individual and on the topics they blog or post about.

3. How to approach and engage with Influencers


So you’ve found a bunch of Influencers that you’d love to work with, but how do you approach them? Firstly, get to know them individually. Are they predominantly blog writers? Do they post mainly on Instagram or are they known for their online presence on Twitter? Understanding their online activity can help you tailor your approach so you can achieve the best results, both for you and the Influencer. It’s important to think how long you want to work with the Influencer,  what kind of incentives you will offer and how you will calculate the results. Will you offer free products in the hope of a positive review? Are you willing to set up an affiliate marketing scheme with discount codes or collaborate on a giveaway? Do you have a budget for sponsored content, such as blog and social media posts? There are many things to be considered before you send out that first important email.

When you reach out to the influencer, mention previous posts they’ve written that you’ve enjoyed that may fit well with your brand. A personal touch is really appreciated and, sadly, it’s rarer than you might think. There’s nothing worse than receiving an impersonal email that has obviously been sent to multiple Influencers at once. If you take some time at to show you’re truly interested in working with a particular Influencer, they’re more likely to want to work with you and produce excellent results.

4. Be Open to Negotiation

If your original proposal doesn’t seem to suit the Influencer, there’s no harm in renegotiating the terms of a collaboration. Influencers know their own audiences better than anybody else and experience has taught them what yields a positive response. If they show an interest in your brand or business as a whole keep the discussion going and see if you can come to terms on a different creative project.

5. Maintain Communication

 After your agreed blog post or social media post has gone live, make sure you don’t lose touch with an Influencer if they’ve been a pleasure to work with. If you’ve put the hard work in to find someone great and you’ve had a positive experience working together then maintaining the relationship will be beneficial for both of you, and make any future collaborations easier to organise and implement.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 5 Quick tips for Developing Successful Relationships with Influencers. If you have any of your own top tips about working with Influencers to share, make sure you let us know!

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