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2nd September 2016
5 Tools To Transform Your Small Business
5 Tools To Transform Your Small Business
7th September 2016

As a Marketing Management graduate straight out of University I was looking for some hands on experience in the field of marketing. Luckily for me, I was put in touch with the team at RAW Digital Training. Having looked at their online presence and reading through blogs from previous interns I knew this was somewhere I could gain the skills I was looking for. I emailed the team and came in to meet Dan to discuss what I wanted to get out of an internship and what tasks I could expect to be faced with. Since I had only just left university, I was still open minded about what path I wanted to go down in my career which led to my internship being rather broad and consisting of a variety of tasks from generating social media content to publishing a series of my own blogs.

On my first day at RAW I was somewhat nervous, but more excited than anything. This was a completely new experience for me, both in terms of working in an office environment and being given the freedom and opportunity to work alongside some talented professionals. University is great and it gave me the foundations for a career in marketing, but my time at RAW gave me the experience of working in marketing for real and it was an overall great experience for me.

The team at RAW is so small and everyone was truly welcoming to me throughout my internship. Working alongside such a small team was perfect as I was able to get to know the different characters and learn something from each of them along the way. As an intern, I somewhat expected to be giving the tasks that no-one wanted to do, but this was not the case at all! I feel as though the team at RAW gave me tasks that they knew I could work with and that would give me the experience and skills I was looking for. A few weeks into my internship I realised that the field of digital marketing was something that I enjoyed and could definitely see myself working towards a career in. For this I will always be thankful to RAW for as before my time here I probably would never have had the opportunity to realise this!

During my internship I was given the task of generating content for social media accounts using the social media management platform Hootsuite and I used this to schedule posts for the coming week for Twitter and Facebook. Using social media as a marketing platform was something that I had done before, but I had never looked into it in the extent that I have done during my time at RAW. I was able to publish the posts for each week and come back to them to see how well they had performed using the insights tools. This was an eye opener for me as I was actually able to see how much of an impact my posts had made and how successful they were at engaging potential customers.

In my second week I was given complete freedom to create a blog post about any topic I felt I could write about. I was surprised at how much freedom I was given and that the team trusted me enough to create a blog post for their website! I decided to use the topic of real-time digital marketing for my first blog post as this was something that was recent and relevant and a topic I felt I could spend a lot of time with. This soon turned into a series of blog posts as I was able to break the topic down into 3 sub topics – Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat. This was a brand new experience for me. I had never written a blog post before and needless to say I was sceptical that what I was writing wouldn’t be up to scratch. I completed my first drafts and the team were more than happy to go through them with me and make any necessary adjustments before they were to publishing standard. Not only did I get to use my initiative to create the posts but I was also able to learn more about SEO which was something I was eager to get involved with. I was so happy with my blog posts and can’t thank the team at RAW enough for giving me such freedom and boosting my confidence by allowing me to use their website as a platform for my first experience in B2B blogging.

To engage my creative side, I was tasked with getting to grips with the image creation platform Canva. I used Canva to create imagery to accompany social media and blog posts as well as to create an eye catching CV for my own use. Canva is such a great platform and is something that I will definitely continue to use in the future for any of my image creation needs. Needless to say I had never been more confident in using social media and these skills are amazing ones to have to be able to increase my employability. Another great experience from interning with RAW was my completion of Google’s Digital Garage Certification. I expected to gain some useful skills during my time here, but I never expected to be able to get a certificate in digital marketing which wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the team at RAW!

Interning with RAW has been the best experience and I have met three wonderful people who have given me the opportunity to gain so many skills that I know will help me in my search for employment in digital marketing.
Thank you to Dan, Sophie and Joanna for a fantastic experience interning with Raw Digital Training!

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