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Snapchat : Real-time digital marketing

Facebook Live : Real-time digital marketing
15th July 2016
Periscope for business
Periscope for Business
1st August 2016

This blog post is following on from our series on real-time digital marketing. So far we have covered real-time digital marketing as a concept, Facebook Live, and this week it’s all about Snapchat.


Snapchat is a mobile app founded in 2011 that allows you to share short videos and images with your online “friends” – from a business perspective, these friends will be your customers.

There are 3 main elements to Snapchat:

1 – Your Story

2 – Snaps

3 – Memories

Your story is where you can post content for all of your customers to see. Adding videos or images to your story means that you are allowing all of your friends or customers to view the content numerous times and the content stays on your story for 24 hours. Snaps, on the other hand, are personal and can only be seen by who you choose to send it to. This content is only available for a certain number of seconds, depending on your settings, and will self destruct, so to speak, once it has been viewed.

Memories is the latest addition to Snapchat. With Snapchat memories you can save your story and snaps all in one place on the app. To access your memories, simply swipe up once you open the app to find all of your saved snaps. Not only can you access your saved snaps, but you can also important content from your camera roll, making it easier than ever to share a wider range of content on Snapchat. You can search through your memories to find relevant images or videos that you can then re-share at a later date – this is similar to sharing previous posts on Facebook and posting a #throwback post on Instagram.

With over 100 million users every day, Snapchat is definitely paving the way for interactive real-time digital marketing. Utilising other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, you can spread the word that you’re on Snapchat and gain new “friends”. More and more businesses are using Snapchat as a way to interact with their customers by uploading instant content of videos and pictures all in one place to engage with their customers directly. Take advantage of filters and emoji’s that you can add to your snaps and story to get involved with certain events, celebrations or your location. For example:


Here are the 5 ways businesses can successfully use Snapchat:

1 – Go Behind the Scenes

Companies are now using Snapchat to showcase behind the scenes content, whether it be the day-to-day work that they do, or just offering a more personal relationship with their customers.

2 – Offer Sneak Peeks

Today with mobile and real-time marketing happening so frequently, customers are eager to find out the latest from their favourite companies. As an example, Snapchat offers a way for fashion retailers to show a glimpse of their latest collection, or for restaurants to give a sneak peek of a new menu. Whatever the sneak peek your company may want to show off, Snapchat could be the perfect way to do so with the short snippets of video or images that you can share instantly.

3 – Give Exclusive Promotions

Whether it’s a flash sale or a one-off promotion that you want to let people know about, you can use Snapchat to do just that. Creating a snap to add to your story with a coupon that customers can redeem can be a way to encourage word of mouth marketing between customers. You could use a series of snaps to build anticipation around promotions and increase engagement from your customers.

4 – Interact with customers

Asking your customers a question on your story can be a way for you to not only encourage conversation with your customers and build a more personal relationship, but it can also be a way for you to get insight into what your customers want to see from you on social media. You can also ask customers to send you snaps that incorporate your business to see how well your customers respond to your products or services.

5 – Put a Face to the Name

When you begin your journey with Snapchat, keep in mind the content that you are putting on will be the face of your brand. Although Snapchat is an organic way to interact with your customers, this is how your customers will perceive you from now on, so keep it professional and post wisely! For many brands on social media, this is the first time customers get to see who you really are, so make a good impression when offering more insight into your business.

Check out our previous blog on Real-time Digital Marketing and Facebook Live and keep looking out for our upcoming blog on Periscope.

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