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Social Media Weekly Digest

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26th August 2016
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5th September 2016

This week, we’ve got new updates and features from Facebook & Snapchat…


Clickbait Posts

Facebook will be altering their algorithm to make clickbait posts appear at the bottom of the feed.

What are clickbait posts?

Clickbait posts are posts that don’t provide information completely in order for the user to click through or posts that are misleading or exaggerated.

How will Facebook measure clickbait?

They will analyse the publishers content, based on clickbait to quality content and score the content, if the score is to high, the post will appear at the bottom of the feed. If you post clickbait posts constantly, this will have a huge effect on your reach but if you rarely post clickbait your reach will stay the same.

Vertical Video on Mobile

Facebook have began to show a large portion of each vertical video on mobile devices news feeds. Meaning soon news feed videos will be shown in a 2:3 ratio rather than the previous square format.

Previously, users had to click into the video to watch it full screen with sound, but the new format will mean the user won’t need to their newsfeed and the sound will play automatically. This means, video content will be even more powerful than it is now! 


Simple Geo Filter Creation Tool

A while back Snapchat made their Geofilter Creation tool available to everyone, but this came with a few holdbacks as they weren’t simple to make if you weren’t a design pro. But, Snapchat has launched their new simple desktop tool to create Geo Filters effortlessly by a range of customisable templates. Now anyone can create Geofilters easily!

Head to to create your Geofilter and follow the steps below!

Sophie Kyle
Sophie Kyle
Sophie is an Advertising & Media graduate, and organises RAW's marketing & digital trainers. Working across all areas of the agency, Sophie has insight and blogs about how RAW works, what we're up to and marketing tips you need to be aware of.

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