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17th August 2016
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2nd September 2016

RAW Digital Training rounds up the digital and social media news of the past week

This week, we’ve got new updates and features from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!


Facebook launched a new feature within Facebook Live earlier this week, it now allows for two-person broadcasts, but only in the US and to public figures for now! But, by September non-verified Pages will be able to access the feature within the US, then worldwide within October/November. It’s not too long to wait!

What is a two-person broadcast?

It means people using Facebook Live can invite a person to join the live video, whilst sharing the screen and broadcast together. At the moment, the screen is not split directly in half, the guest speaker has a smaller screen share which may cause a few problems for a few people, but this could change within the coming months.

The feature is going to give Facebook Page users lots more opportunities and ideas in communicating with others and reaching out to new audiences in a way that is highly engaging!


Pinterest introduced promoted videos, businesses can now reach out to audiences that they are looking for. The promoted videos appear as a cinematic Pin, the videos play whilst the user scrolls up and down, but stops playing when there is no motion – encouraging the user to open the Pin fully to see the entire video.

At the moment, promoted videos are only available on mobile, and are expected to appear on desktop in the distant future.

Currently, businesses pay for promotional videos by a cost-per-thousand-view format, meaning they pay whenever someone sees the cinematic Pin, however this does not mean they have opened the video fully.


Twitter Stickers Library

Twitter introduced #Stickers this week. Now we will be able to select searchable stickers from Twitters library to make photos we post on Twitter more fun, and to connect people together on Twitter. The process is similar to the way hashtags work, stickers are searchable just like hashtags.

The stickers are used to represent feelings, causes, events etc. and they can be inserted anywhere on your Twitter photo. Once the image is posted, you will be able to click on the sticker which will then take you to a timeline of that particular sticker, displaying how others have used it around the world. This feature will be rolling out within the next few weeks for all Twitter users around the world.

Stay tuned for full reviews of these updates in the coming months when we will finally have access to the new features. Let us know your thoughts on this weeks updates!

Sophie Kyle
Sophie Kyle
Sophie is an Advertising & Media graduate, and organises RAW's marketing & digital trainers. Working across all areas of the agency, Sophie has insight and blogs about how RAW works, what we're up to and marketing tips you need to be aware of.

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