Digital Skills & Social Media Training

RAW Digital Talent programme

The RAW Digital Talent programme discovers and develops digital talent, ensuring more young people know about the digital sector. We educate young people on the growing number and variety of job roles available, provide skills to advance their tech knowledge, improve their soft skills, and support them into the career via apprenticeships. Our purpose is to dramatically increase the number of young people entering the tech sector.

Skills Gap

The tech sector is growing twice as fast as any other, and each major hub of the North East has huge plans for sector growth, with buildings, support and aims to attract major tech players. Most young people are unaware of the sector, raising awareness of this sector is crucial.

Youth Unemployment

The North East has one of the countries highest rate of youth unemployment, and one of the country's fastest growing tech sectors. This is why we created our short, impactful programme to support the young people of our region into rewarding and sustainable careers in this exciting sector. There is no doubt about it, when a young person gets their job offer, it is truly life changing for them.

Programme Themes

We have short programmes in Software Development, IT, and Digital Marketing. We immerse ourselves in the sector and with employers, and as such have exciting new themes planned in response to employer demand and future skills needs. Are you an employer with a need? We are all ears - get in touch.


The variety of apprenticeships in tech is ever increasing, and the standards are ever improving. Growing the number of tech apprentices right now in the region will have a serious positive impact on the future skills of the sector in 5 years time. Apprenticeships reduce the barriers to enter the sector, are accessible, and young people earning from the start whilst gaining skills and qualifications along the way.

Building Greater Diversity

Getting more young people into the sector is our overall priority, but we want to go further. In the 16-24 year old age group we work with, we want to ensure we are attracting a wider diversity of people into these apprenticeships. This includes females, young people from deprived backgrounds, those aged 19+, and young people with autism.

Economic Impact

An apprenticeship in the digital sector not only allows a young person to start earning money right away, but also is ensuring they are building a rewarding career in a growing sector. This provides a significant positive impact on our regional economy, and supports business growth.

Soft Skills

92% of employers say that soft skills are equally or more important than technical skills. We know that soft and behavioural skills form a key part of the success of an apprenticeship, and that’s why we include soft skills as part of our programme that can have lifelong impact.

Supporting Employers

We create bespoke programmes for cohort intakes with large employers or a few smaller employers with a similar need. We listen to employers and respond, if you’re an employer with an opinion on what skills you think would be great for an apprentice to have ahead of starting work with you generally, or have bespoke tech needs for filling your own talent pipeline, please get in touch.