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5 Tools To Transform Your Small Business

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5th September 2016
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5 Tools To Transform Your Small Business

Not only will these tools save you heaps of money but they will improve your efficiency and save you a lot of time.

1. Canva

Creating strong visuals can seem a daunting task if you’re not a graphic designer or if you’re not educated in any design software i.e Photoshop. Creating designs to go alongside social media, or blog posts can be time consuming and impossible without the use of a design tool. But, by using Canva – the simple graphic design software, any social media header, infographic and marketing materials can be created with little effort whilst looking professional.

We’ve got a dedicated blog all about Canva here, which takes you through both free and paid for accounts.

2. Hootsuite (Social Media Management tools)

Often businesses come to RAW for help as they struggle to stay consistent on social media platforms. They find it difficult to post on various platforms daily due to time restrictions. Social Media management tools are essential in organising and scheduling your content to ensure your audience stays with you through your online growth and journey. We use the tool Hootsuite, but there are many tools available. Hootsuite allows you to schedule content weeks in advance right down to the time the post is scheduled to send, on various social media platforms. It saves us a lot of time and it also provides us with the opportunity to really plan our content.

Social media management tools are often free depending on the number of social media platforms within your account. For example, Hootsuite allows you to have 3 social media channels under a free account.

3. Google Apps for Business

If you work in a team or collaborate with others, Google Apps for Business makes working with others a lot easier, we promise you won’t go back! Google Apps for Business is a cost effective solution, from £3.33 per user per month, that promotes collaboration and efficiency, meaning your team is highly productive. It really has become essential within our daily routines at RAW and it has improved the way we work as individuals and as a team no end. There are so many great features, including the ability to share live docs with various members of your team, showing live edits as you go. We’ve all experienced saving multiple copies of the same documents to our team and losing track of the edits, it’s a tiring process that usually consists of many errors, but with sharing live docs this process is removed.

4. Google Alerts

Keeping track of your industry news alongside all of your tasks and duties can be tricky to keep on top of. But, by setting up Google Alerts direct to your email ensures you won’t miss any important news or updates within your industry, or whether your company is in the news. It’s simple to use and you will always be kept up to date!

5. MailChimp

Creating great email campaigns can be a difficult task, and if you’re not sure where to start it can be a very long process to get results from all your time and effort spent. Using an email campaign tool allows you to create branded emails to large amounts of audiences. We use and train business in MailChimp to send emails that are professional, branded and to masses of subscribers. By scheduling and setting up automated emails, it means most of the work is done for you, meaning more time can be spent elsewhere! There are lots of email marketing campaign tools out there, but we just prefer MailChimp. 

We would love to know if you have any other tools that you couldn’t be without, whether you work within a small business or not. Let us know!





Sophie Kyle
Sophie Kyle
Sophie is an Advertising & Media graduate, and organises RAW's marketing & digital trainers. Working across all areas of the agency, Sophie has insight and blogs about how RAW works, what we're up to and marketing tips you need to be aware of.

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