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Twitter Advanced Search and why you should be using it.

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1st August 2016
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Twitter Advanced search

With over 310 million monthly active users, there is no getting away from the powerful reach that Twitter has gained over the years. With recent talks to start live streaming sporting events and the introduction of Twitter TV, it doesn’t look likely to be going away anytime soon. The power of Twitter for business has been obvious for some time, but a feature often overlooked is Twitter advanced search. Advanced search can greatly help businesses of all sizes target the correct audience. With over 500 million tweets sent daily it can be hard to find the ones relevant to you, while simple searches often just showing many irrelevant tweets.

To help you spend more time connecting with the right audience, Twitter developed advanced search, allowing you to specify almost any search terms. Below I have included some of the most common and popular search terms to get you started.

In the video you can see how to find the advanced search form within Twitter. You can also follow this link to reach it directly This form is not available on the mobile app however, but you can still use the search terms entered directly into the search box to get the same results.


When you discover search results you are interested in, you can save them, as well as set up alerts allowing you to follow them. This can be a great tool should you wish to keep track of certain searches. For example, a company selling Golfing goods in the Middlesbrough area might wish to look for people tweeting about golf in the Middlesbrough area and receive alerts when someone tweets.

This is one of the most powerful features in Twitter and allows you to connect with the right audience, fighting through the noise to reach only those tweeting relevant tweets.

Common Search Terms

Simply searching for golf in Twitter will bring up all the tweets worldwide that mention the word golf, not that useful if you only sell golfing goods in the Middlesbrough area. So let’s add a location. Using Near:Middlesbrough after the word golf will keep your search to the Middlesbrough area and would look like this “golf” +Near:middlesbrough. If you don’t want to restrict it to just one area, you can add within:distancekm to include a distance from your location. You search would now look like this “golf” Near:Middlesbrough +within:10km. The use of the + and – symbols allows you to add or remove certain terms from your search. For example if you wanted to search for golf but leave out theopen you could search “golf” -theopen to remove any tweets including theopen in them.

You can combine all the search terms to compile a search for any parameters you wish. Try some of the terms below and experiment to start networking and increasing your relevant Twitter reach.

  • Placing a phrase between “quotation marks” will search for that exact phrase.
  • Placing OR between words will search for any mention of either word.
  • From:user and To:user allows you to search for tweets from and to a certain user.
  • Filter:Retweets and Filter:Replies allows searching for just retweets and replies.
  • Filter:Links Filter:images and Filter:videos allows you to show only tweets including links, images or videos respectively.

These are just some of the most commonly used search terms available but you can see just how easy it is to narrow down your searches.

Happy Twitter searching.

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