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Looking for reliable and hungry talent for an entry level role or graduate job? Check out this brilliant lot! What's more, you can get a £5000 grant towards their salary if you're an SME, but act quick, as the grant availability ends May 2020! (excludes apprenticeships)

To enquire about the grant or any of our fantastic candidates, just call 01642 688411 or email us hello@rawdigital.training

Software Development

BW - Entry Level / Graduate / Junior software developer

Seaham, Durham, Sunderland, Peterlee, Newcastle city

If you’re looking for a dependable talent who will give everything and more to every task, this person will grow with your company and be an asset. A brilliant, reliable and highly recommended grad, super passionate about securing a Junior Software Development role. Degree is in Computing Systems Engineering and also has HND in Computing and Systems Development. Excellent knowledge of Java, Visual Basic and Python.

JL - Software Development Apprenticeship

Stanley, Chester le Street, Durham, Consett, Gateshead, Newcastle

Super passionate about software development and currently is seeking a Software Development apprenticeship. Has a very large skill set and has even gained Level 3 Diploma in IT before joining our programme. Completed several of our programmes including Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Bootcamp, Games Design and Development and Web Development. Never late once, and always gave 100%.

TP - Junior Web Developer - entry / graduate level

Ferryhill, Durham, Spennymoor, Newcastle city centre

A really brilliant and intelligent young person with a BSc in Business Computing and mega keen to kick-start a career as a Junior Web Developer. Recently put skills to the test whilst attending our programme and did excellent!

AD - Software Development Apprenticeship

Stockton, Durham

A quiet young man, super keen to further knowledge and gain an apprenticeship within Software Development. A truly great problem solver, highly organised and does lots of self learning.

RO - Software Development Apprenticeship

Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Stockton Middlesbrough

Has a wide skill set but heart and soul is IT. Has lots of software and IT knowledge and has fantastic leadership qualities. Super excited and ready to begin a career in the tech sector.


ZL - IT Support

Bishop Auckland, Crook, Darlington, Durham

Has a varied skill set and is searching for an apprenticeship in IT. Has completed three programmes and did fantastic at them all. He even passed an exam during the last programme and received a qualification in Microsoft Technology Associate in Operating Systems Fundamentals. A brilliant communicator, has a very creative yet tactful approach and would be a credit to any employer.

CW - IT Support / Admin Apprenticeship

Spennymoor, Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe, Durham, Ferryhill

Has a wide range of skills and is looking for an apprenticeship in IT or Admin. Recently completed a digital marketing programme to add even more new skills and knowledge and really was excellent! Also has academic gains in IT and Creative Media and is committed to self development.

TP - IT Technician Apprenticeship

Durham, Bishop, Spennymoor, Ferryhill

Heart and soul is IT, looking for an IT Technician apprenticeship. Simply excelled on our programme. Loves working on all types of technology and is able to not only fix a system, but also builds new systems to a high standard!

CS - IT (Hardware) Apprenticeship

Sunderland, Durham, Peterlee

Has a Level 3 Merit in NexGen Games Design and is super passionate about IT. Does lots of self learning and has knowledge on creating a PC and how to improve certain parts of a PC too! Very eager to kickstart a career within IT and has lots of experience/ knowledge.

CL - IT Apprenticeship

Durham, Darlington, Bishop Auckland

Very creative and passionate about technology. Has knowledge of Python and Linux coding languages and is more than willing to expand on knowledge in any subject. Recently attended our MTA Operating Systems & Fundamentals programme and gained a qualification in it.

DA - IT (Hardware) Apprenticeship

Sunderland, Durham, Peterlee

Has a wide range of skills and has recently gained a qualification with us during our MTA Operating Systems & Fundamentals programme. Highly organised and has excellent communication skills.

DW - IT Apprenticeship

Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Peterlee, Chester-le-Street

A decisive, organised, and action-orientated individual with extensive experience in IT and administration. Competent and experienced administrator with a track record in delivering added value.

EM - IT Support Apprenticeship

Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Durham

Very enthusiastic and hardworking with a lot of knowledge in the IT sector. Super confident in problem solving and all round a fantastic candidate who is ready for work in the tech sector.

JY - IT Support Apprenticeship

Durham, Newcastle, Stanley

Has a passion for gaming and anything to do with IT. A very organised and motivated individual who has lots of knowledge in the tech sector and is more than ready to begin his career in IT Support.

LR - IT Support Apprenticeship

Newcastle, Consett, Durham

Has a qualification in Computer Game Design and is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills and knowledge. A highly organised individual with exceptional communication skills and an all round fantastic young person with the ambition to succeed!

LW - IT Support / Hardware Apprenticeship

Durham, Chester-le-Street, Sunderland, Newcastle

Heart and soul is in IT, has qualifications in IT, Graphic Design and Visual Arts. Very confident and has great people skills. Is super keen on enhancing current knowledge and starting a career in either IT Support or Hardware.

PT - IT Support/ Technician Apprenticeship

Durham, Chester-le-Street, Sunderland, Newcastle

Has a very wide skill set and is very committed to self development. Recently completed our MTA Operating Systems & Fundamentals programme where a fantastic qualification was gained! Highly skilled and would be an asset to any employer.

JD - IT Support Apprenticeship

Bishop Auckland, Spennymoor, Newton Aycliffe, Durham

A very self committed individual who has a variety of skills along with work experience as this individual volunteers at their local JobCentre so has plenty of experience dealing with customers. Is also highly organised and great with communication.


MR - Business Admin Apprenticeship

Durham, Spennymoor, Bishop Auckland

A highly organised young person who is looking for a Business Admin apprenticeship. A really wonderful personality and is very confident, has excellent communication skills, the willingness to learn new skills.

EG - Business Admin Apprenticeship

Durham, Newcastle, Stanley, Chester-le-Street

An extremely organised individual who has excellent communication skills - both verbal and written, and is interested in a business admin apprenticeship. Very creative and confident young person who is able to bring lots of skills to an employer.

JH - Business Admin Apprenticeship

Bishop Auckland, Durham, Darlington

A candidate with great communication skills and is also super organised. This young person has recently completed our Digital Marketing Programme and did very well, they have gained so many more great and valuable skills which will help them massively in the administration sector.

KR - Business Admin Apprenticeship

Durham, Bishop Auckland

A highly organised, and overall very brilliant candidate who has a wide range skill set and is looking to kick-start his career as a business administration apprentice. Lots of knowledge within IT and digital marketing sectors which makes him such a great candidate. 

Cyber & Data

DM - Cryptography / Cyber Security - entry / graduate level

Chester le Street, Newcastle, Durham

A super intelligent and confident recent graduate with a BSc in Mathematics. Recently excelled in our programme and completed our Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Bootcamp which created a passion about a career within Cryptography or Data Science.

RM - Data Analyst / Cyber Security - entry / graduate level

Durham, Bishop, Spennymoor, Ferryhill, Newcastle city centre

A super intelligent and dedicated graduate with a BSc in Mathematics who is eager to gain an opportunity as a Data Analyst or working in cryptography.

Also recently completed our Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Bootcamp programme and did extremely well during his task, which was the production of multiple encoding/ decoding cyphers based within Excel. Actually broke Excel due to the complexity of some of the prime number mathematics!


Digital Marketing

RS - Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Seaham, Peterlee, Middlesbrough, Durham, Sunderland

Extremely passionate about the digital marketing sector and is looking for an apprenticeship to express this passion and show off great skill set. An excellent young person who is very dedicated and committed to self development.

DC - Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Newton Aycliffe, Durham

Super passionate about technology and the digital marketing sector specifically, and is looking for a digital marketing apprenticeship to express creativity and show off this passion along with a great skill set. An excellent young person who is very dedicated and committed to self development.

ER - Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Durham, Peterlee, Hartlepool

A very passionate individual who is super keen in kick-starting their career within digital marketing. Highly organised and great communication skills - both written and verbal. This young person recently attended our Digital Marketing Programme and has gained some very valuable skills and experience within digital marketing and is excited to learn more in this sector.


TDM - 3D Environment Artist / Graphic Design

Durham, Bishop, Darlington, Crook, Sunderland, Seaham

A recent graduate who spent 5 years studying and is now looking to secure employment as a Junior 3D Environment Artist. Recently completed our Digital Marketing and Social Media programme to enhance skills and really excelled. An absolute pleasure to be around, super organised, positive, extremely hard working and very passionate.

BR - Motor Vehicle Engineering Apprenticeship

Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle

Has a very wide skill set and is eager to enter the world of work. Recently completed our MTA Operating Systems & Fundamentals programme to enhance his knowledge and gained some pretty amazing IT skills. Is very passionate about motor vehicle engineering and is looking to gain more experience within this area via an apprenticeship.