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17th June 2014

Tweet of the Week

Last weekend saw the start of England’s World Cup dreams get into action. There is room for all kinds of brands to be using the World […]
5th August 2014

Are there people you should be linkedin with?

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, it allows you to connect with people online, that you have business relationships with.  This could […]
13th August 2014

A guide to Twitter hours: When, How and Why

Guide to Twitter hours, what they are and how you take part When we’re training people on Twitter, the topic of Twitter hours traditionally comes up, and we’re […]
14th August 2014

Tweet of the Week

Virgin Balloon Flights began their inspiring #breathtakingmoments campaign last month. Virgin have created a great example of an engaging and visual Twitter campaign, not only to raise […]
26th September 2014

Tweet Of The Week: Innocent Jason Orange Juice

This week Jason Orange announced he has quit the band Take That. The brand Innocent Drinks didn’t quite have the same reaction as the devastated fans […]
10th October 2014

Tweet Of The Week: #WAKEUPCALL

This week Jemima Khan launched the UNICEF #WAKEUPCALL campaign, similar to the ALS #IceBucketChallenge and Cancer Research UKs #NoMakeUpSelfie campaigns which were without a doubt hugely […]
22nd October 2014

The Kick Start Guide To Instagram

Whenever we mention Instagram there’s always so much confusion and the same responses of what is it, how does it work and does it work for […]
24th October 2014

Tweet Of The Week: Samsung Mobile

The brand Samsung have created a friendly and witty persona amongst their Twitter accounts, especially the Samsung Mobile account. They constantly post sarcastic tweets against their competitors […]
24th October 2014

Royal Tweet: Queen Elizabeth II sends her first tweet

Using the @BritishMonarchy Twitter account, the Queen today sent out her inaugural tweet at the launch of a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London.