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8 Essential Steps to Create Engaging Content

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20th September 2016
Social Media Weekly Digest October
Social Media Weekly Digest
23rd September 2016

It’s essential for businesses to create engaging content to reach out to their audience, but with so much content out there, covering every subject, how can we ensure our audience will read our content? Follow our advice in creating good engaging content and results should follow!

1. Title

Your title is one of the most important features of your blog, it’s the first thing your readers see whether you’ve shared your post on social media or if they need to click through to the blog on your website. The title needs to build curiosity to entice your readers into clicking and engaging with your content. A title that isn’t grabbing won’t compel your readers into clicking through to read your blog, ultimately your blog content is the most valuable aspect but this can’t be unlocked if your title doesn’t do it’s job! Using numbered lists for example “5 tips to….” or phrases to suggest you are filling a knowledge gap is always a great technique in building curiosity. Hubspot has a great blog all about creating great headlines –  How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist’ 

2. Adding Value

Your title and content must add value to your readers time, your readers are extremely busy and there is so much content out there that your content must stand out. Readers need to know why they should take time out of their day to read your blog. A way to demonstrate this straight away is by highlighting this in your title to make your readers find out why they should read more, what do they get out of reading your blog? Within your blog copy, ensure you include the valuable point clearly and concisely.

3. Include Your Reader

It’s so important to connect with your readers, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to include them in your content by using words like ‘you’ ‘we’ and ‘our’. By doing this, it helps to connect to your reader by making them feel like you are speaking to them within your content. Including your reader within your blog is an important factor to create engaging content.

4. Consistency

Everyone has their own writing style and tone, and readers will become accustomed to this style, whether you create your style on purpose or it’s your natural way of writing – always stick to it! Changing your style is likely to put off your readers as they read your content based on their relationship that you’ve built over time by your style and tone. Ultimately they essentially ‘sign up’ to your style and any deviation is going against why they signed up to reading your content – they aren’t getting what they ‘ordered’.

5. Formula

There are many writing formulas out there that offer a cohesive structure for both the writer and reader. A really simple but effective one is the ‘Before – After – How to get there’ formula. In the before section you describe the reader’s current scenario, in the after section you describe the ideal outcome for the reader and in the ‘how to get there’ section you bridge the gap between the before and after. This is a really effective way to write about what you can offer your readers by putting into context their current situation and how you can get them to where they want to be.

6. Ask questions  

The ultimate goal for our content is to reach out to our readers and for them to engage with our content to start a conversation. One way to do this is to ask questions and simply ask them to comment with their own opinions within the comments. This also gives us an insight into what our readers are wanting to know, for further blog posts that our readers will be interested in to again create engaging content constantly.

7. Link to other articles and sources

Throughout your content, always include relevant links to other articles or resources which add further context to the subject you are writing about so your reader can find out more information if they want to about the subject easily.

8. Easily shareable

So you have created some fantastic engaging content that has your reader really enthused, the ideal action now would be for them to share your content to their own network, increasing your exposure. Make this easy to do by including one click share buttons to your blog and website in order to make the process as simple as possible for your reader.

Please share with us any useful tips you have found to create engaging content!

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Sophie Kyle
Sophie Kyle
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