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11th January 2018

A Look Into the Digital Skills Gap


There’s an interesting article over at which challenges the assumption that all young people inherently have digital skills, with a report included. This rings true – as not all young people actually do have competent digital skills which is an issue in such a fast-paced, technology-based world.


This becomes even more of an issue when you take a look at the modern day world of work; digital skills are required literally everywhere. There really is no escaping it. Ten years ago, if you didn’t know much about digital or had no idea what was meant by ‘social media’, then you would not have had much of an issue.


The Modern Landscape


Today, however, technology is constantly evolving and is becoming increasingly prominent in all aspects of our everyday lives – including work life. If you just take a look at any social media platform, say, Twitter for example, then all you have to do is a quick search for any business of your choosing and you can almost guarantee they’ll have a social media account. Literally everything from hotels, to restaurants, to supermarkets and more all have some sort of social media presence.


This shows us that today, social media for business is almost a standard of sorts. And with social media comes so much more digital.


How We Must Keep up with This


So, what does this mean? This means that, in order to keep up with this ever-changing business landscape, one must ensure that they at least have competent digital skills as a bare minimum. This also applies to young people just finishing education or training who must start to consider their future career path. The importance of these digital skills cannot be underestimated by any means.


Now just imagine two candidates applying for a job role. Imagine both have an impressive set of GCSE qualifications, a strong, well written CV and both have competent numeracy and literacy skills. One of them, however, has a portfolio rich in examples of digital/media based work they’ve done in the past. Which one gets the job? Well, we couldn’t fairly make an accurate assumption. But the candidate with the digital portfolio would have a hell of a better chance when applying for any sort of role, no matter what the sector.

“Today, every single industry you can think of, from pharmacy to construction to journalism, has digital skills implicit in the job description.”

19th January 2018

The Digital Skills Deficit

11th January 2018

Tees Valley Digital Skills Board

Tees Valley Digital Skills Board First meeting date: Wed 24th Jan 4.30pm Venue: Teesside Uni – The Curve Room T3:02 Agenda spotlight: Digital Degree Apprenticeships What? […]

With our Durham Works initiative, this is precisely what we have in mind. We are aiming to upskill unemployed young people aged between 16-24 in terms of social media and digital skills in order to give them that extra push they need which makes them the more attractive candidate to employers. Not only does this help those aiming for a career in the digital sector, but it also helps those aiming for any sector – the skills learned can be applied almost anywhere.


If you are a business looking for mature, work-hungry candidates then we have exactly what you’re looking for. If you would like an experienced candidate with top quality digital skills then do not hesitate to get in touch – the skills taught on this programme can and will benefit your business. Not only will the candidates from our programme be able to show you a thing or two about digital but they have also been prepared for the workplace, along with interview prep to ensure they are fully ready to step into the world of work as motivated, young professionals.


Are you aged between 16-24 and not in employment, education or training? Do you live in County Durham? We can help. Call 01642 688411 today or email and we will give you the skills you need to get you wherever you want to be.


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