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Digital skills for employment – a learners view

National Innovation Recognition – Women in IT Awards 2017
25th January 2017
Tees Valley Digital Skills Board
11th January 2018

Dean Chaffer is a recent participant on our On Route Digital Programme, he shares his thoughts on the experience….


Why did you decide to enrol on the On Route Digital Program?

I decided to enrol on the On Route Digital Programme, to learn practical digital skills.  There is an increasing demand for candidates with an in depth understanding of digital marketing.   In the past I have applied for lots of digital roles and was unsuccessful.  I realised that I required  a  solid foundation for my digital skills and a  portfolio of work to present to employers.  All of these tasks initially  can be quite daunting to complete on your own, but having the support of a group of students  who have a  similar passion and drive for digital is really empowering.


What did you learn on the on Route digital Program?

The first week of the On Route digital programme focuses on popular  social media platforms showing you how to create content for them.   Facebook and Twitter are widely used and many businesses have an active presence.  Each platform behaves in a slightly different way and the types of content that work will vary .  The course will also introduce you to LinkedIn which you can use to connect with employers as well as having a record of your employment in an easy to understand format .   

You may use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis to communicate with friends.  But the they both  have powerful tools for advertising and connecting with an audience for your blog or business. Social media feeds can be managed by tools such as Hootsuite you will gain an understanding of what Hootsuite does and how it can be used to effectively to schedule posts and engage customers.

Each of the key concepts will be applied to your own business idea.  Which you will create on the course. The second week will focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which will give you an excellent knowledge of how websites can be found on the internet.  The final two days consist of building a website for your business idea using the WordPress platform. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and is very flexible.   The training  provide an superb insight into the platform so that you can get up to speed with building a website. You can even add a shopping cart if your business idea involves selling your product online.


Do I need any prior knowledge?

No, However if you do have some existing digital marketing knowledge it will serve you well on the course. Knowing your way around a laptop will be beneficial as it will help with setting up your accounts on various social networks.


What is the teaching style?

On the course you will meet different teachers who are all experts in their subject area. This is in contrast to your college education where you might of had the same teacher for multiple subjects. The bonus of having teachers with specific subject knowledge is that they will have a deep understanding of the industry and will be able

Each day is interactive and fun and you will learn lots of new skills that employers are looking for. You will learn by doing. The aim of the course is to develop a practical portfolio to show employers your skill set.  There is always an opportunity to ask questions to clarify concepts. You will  get feedback and direction with . You can also help the other people around you on the course and learn from them .


What happens after the course?

After you have completed the course. The next stage is to apply your skills in the real world. The On Route Digital team will place you with a company. Allowing you put the skills you have learn’t into practice. This will help to further your employment prospects after the course.


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