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Growing your Business Through Digital Talent

RAW Digital Talent Service

The digital skills gap effects companies of all sizes and from every industry - we’re here to help.

Whether you are a non-digital company looking for your first social media marketing apprentice, or you’re a massively digital company looking to build your internal talent pipeline - we have the candidates for you.

Our RAW Digital Talent Programme discovers and develops digital talent from around the region and our service to you is free. Our learners have accessed industry led training courses in everything from Social Media for Business to SEO, to Games Design and Development. Our courses are short, intensive and focussed. We showcase the digital opportunities in the region and the various routes to access employment in the sector.

We work closely with our learners to ensure they retain their skills by practicing their learning, what’s more, we ensure they have a much wider set of knowledge and soft skills to ensure they are super job ready when they come to interview.

Our learners are brilliant, they are hungry, we have 100% retention rate, they turn up every day for their courses and are determined to enter a digital career. We are training new candidates, and supporting candidates into jobs constantly. We have candidates to suit every entry level, from apprentices, to entry level after college, to graduates.

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  • 1. Understand your needs

    If this is your first digital hire and you need a little help with the job description we’ll help you. If you’re a tech company knowing exactly what you’re looking for, great!

  • 2. Connect apprentice provider

    We work with a wide range of fantastic apprentice providers locally, we pair you with the most appropriate one for the role, or give you a few to choose from. If it’s an entry level or graduate job, we’ll skip this step.

    If you’re looking for a Higher Level Apprenticeship we will pair you with the most appropriate university.

  • 3. Inform you on grants and funding

    We let you know the apprentice grants available in your area. Businesses hiring from our programme can also apply for a grant to support to the business with your new starter such as computer equipment etc.

  • 4. Match you with candidates

    Our matching service starts straight away, we look at the qualities as well as skills you are looking for in your new staff member. Businesses with a number of vacancies of the same or varying kinds are more than welcome to use our service.

  • 5. Interview and selection

    If you’re new to tech we can help you with interview questions and format, we’re happy to help! If you have a batch of roles, we’re happy to provide any support needed.

    You make your selection and the process is complete! You’re chuffed, your new staff member is chuffed, and we are chuffed!

    If it’s an apprenticeship your provider will start their training framework right away - and the learning journey will continue.