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Why a great bio is so important!

Blackberry blunder!
16th January 2015
23rd January 2015

Someone has followed me…

There is a very high chance you have come across someone on a social media network and you have become interested in them, they may have posted a great tweet or followed you.

What do you do?

You of course click on their profile to have a nosey and find out more information about the person in the hope of finding someone with similar interests, to then find out they have a blank bio.

So what do you do now?

Follow them on the off chance they will be someone that is worthy of following? No, you click off the person and never think about them again.

What should happen?

Someone should click on your profile and know instantly why they should follow you. Whether you have have similar careers, interests or simply live in the same area, your bio should give people a glimpse of you!


Always ask yourself why should people be interested in me?

Keep your bio updated!

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