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My Internship at RAW Digital Training

North East Tech 50 - RAW Digital Training Ltd
North East Tech 50
2nd June 2016
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13th June 2016
My internship at RAW

My time at RAW

Before starting my internship with RAW I was a naive and rather worried graduate, fresh out of University who worryingly still didn’t have a clue what they wanted to be when they grew up. I’d always had a passion for the digital world, I was a self-confessed social media addict and an avid blogger, but as an English Literature graduate with no previous interning experience I didn’t really have much to show to increase my employability. Interning at RAW was probably the best decision I could have ever made. Not only have I gained digital skills in Marketing, PR and Social Media and had the opportunity of working in a busy office environment (and an absolutely lovely one at that), I also think I finally know what direction I want to take my career in. Waking up every Wednesday and looking forward to going into the RAW office is a wonderful feeling, I can only hope that wherever I end up has an environment that’s even half as enjoyable as RAW’s!


On my first day at RAW I was rather nervous; having never worked in an office environment before I didn’t know what to expect. But I really shouldn’t have been worried. Interning with such a small team is great as you feel like you’re part of the RAW family straight away and the tasks I’ve been given throughout my 3 months here aren’t meaningless or negligible at all, everything I’ve done has really contributed to the business. My first morning was actually spent outside of the office with a local charity called The Moses Project who RAW are currently helping with their Social Media and overall presence in the area. I helped to conduct interviews and take photographs which I then used to create social media posts for the charity. I also wrote my first ever Press Release for The Moses Project and I’ve edited and written a couple more during my time with RAW – it’s a skill I’m definitely pleased that I now have! During the rest of my internship I’ve handled a wide variety of tasks. Most mornings I’m responsible for RAW’s social media accounts and I’ve become very familiar with the tool Hootsuite. I spent my time scheduling tweets about any upcoming workshops RAW were hosting, retweeting and replying to comments about the business and creating posts citing any relevant online articles about the latest news in the digital industry. My knowledge of the digital world has never been better!


Catering to my creative side I was challenged to use Canva to create graphics to accompany many of the social media posts. I also used the software to produce leaflets, posters, images to be used in Workshop presentations and even graphics to be used in my own blog posts that are featured on RAW’s blog. Creating written content for RAW was definitely one of my favourite tasks and I was quite shocked at how much freedom I had when it came to creating the blog posts! I had complete control over the topic, structure and content of the posts which definitely gave me such a boost in confidence. Thanks for trusting me so much guys! The process of publishing the posts taught me a lot about SEO too, something I’d always wanted to understand more, and I worked on my SEO skills further by completing an online Google Garage certificate. I carried out a few marketing based tasks during my internship as well which included conducting customer research and segmentation and I even dabbled in E-Marketing with MailChimp. Before I started my internship I considered my digital skills to be fairly advanced but I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt in just 3 months with RAW.


A highlight for me was attending the North East Expo in Newcastle. The 6am wake up call might have been a bit painful but it was definitely worth it. I never imagined that it would be as busy as it was. The place was packed with businesses and individuals and I had a great time on the RAW stand watching Joanna’s lecture via Facebook Live, speaking with people about what we do and learning more about other people’s work too. I was given some time to explore the building with Sophie , RAW’s Marketing Assistant, and it was really interesting learning about the various local businesses in the area.


I’m really going to miss working at RAW, I’d do my internship all over again if I could! I’ve had the nicest time at RAW and I can’t thank Joanna, Dan, Sophie and James enough for such a fantastic opportunity. I’m going to miss seeing you all every Wednesday!

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