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The Kick Start Guide To Instagram

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10th October 2014
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Whenever we mention Instagram there’s always so much confusion and the same responses of what is it, how does it work and does it work for businesses?  Instagram is a great platform to communicate, whether it is to your friends, clients or fans. Here’s a quick guide to kick start your Instagram page.

1. Download the app.

Instagrams webpage will only allow you to do certain functions which is where a lot of confusion begins, the best way to utilise Instagram is by downloading the Instagram app to your mobile device.

Button Button Button

Screenshot_2014-10-07-14-21-482. Register

To get started register with Facebook or by email it’s as simple as that, you then will need to add a profile picture, choose your username and create a bio.The bio must be no longer than 150 characters, you may want to include your interests or if it’s a business page you may want to include a brief summary of what your company does. You can also add a website address within your profile info, which could be your blog page or your businesses website etc. You can change your page to private via the the privacy settings,this will enable you to accept follower requests and make your pictures/videos only visible to your chosen followers. You can also connect your Instagram page with your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,Foursquare and Flickr accounts to give yourself the option to share your posts amongst other Social Media networks to further communicate with people who don’t have Instagram.





Screenshot_2014-10-07-14-40-273. Capture Image/Video

To get started, you can either upload a saved image/video from your mobile device or capture an image/video live to instantly upload. This is the view you will find when capturing an image live which gives you the correct size of the image you can upload, whereas a saved image will most likely need to be cropped to fit the size of Instagrams requirements which may affect the image you are trying to capture.








Screenshot_2014-10-07-14-31-224. Edit 

This is where the fun begins, begin editing your image by choosing different filters. There are numerous filters which create different effects which can change the image into black and white or create the effect of a vintage photograph for instance. You can also change the levels of saturation, highlights and brightness if you want to be fancy.There’s also many border choices to pick to suit your image and the style you want to achieve and it’s as easy as that.







Screenshot_2014-10-07-14-35-175. Tag 

Once you’re happy with how your image looks, you can then move onto tagging people or products which are in the image you have captured. Tagging people/brands/products will notify them which is a great feature for business pages, as you can communicate with your customers for example .









Screenshot_2014-10-07-14-39-176. Describe

Choose a description to appear alongside your image, you can tag people within the text and hashtag your image or video accordingly.You can also share your post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr to share your post to people who may not have Instagram!






Screenshot_2014-10-07-14-39-267. Share

Lastly, you can either share your post directly to certain people you follow or share it with all of your followers, which will all depend on the subject of the post and whether you want one person or numerous people to see the post.








Screenshot_2014-10-20-13-38-458. Explore

Press the bottom left icon to explore Instagram, search people you know,celebrities, brands etc and follow as many pages as you want. You can also search tags, which will show you posts which include the tag you have searched which may be helpful if you want to search for a certain product or a brand.








Follow these simple steps, and you will be on your way! Why not show us your Instagram skills now that you will definitely be experts after reading this guide and join in with our #100FacesOfStockton Instagram project!

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