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The Kick Start Guide to Pinterest

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People and businesses often misunderstand Pinterest and instantly turn away from it. Pinterest has a misconception that it is difficult to use and most people don’t understand what it is or why they should use it. It actually doesn’t differ much from the many other Social Media networks it just uses different terms which will all be explained further. You will soon understand that Pinterest is actually a simple tool to show visual content in the most appealing and searchable way.

A Pin

Step 1
Pinterest is an invite only network, don’t worry there’s no hassle.
Simply request an invite via your email address & you will then receive an invitation email from Pinterest which you will need to accept, it’s as easy as that.

Step 2
You can sign up via your Facebook or Twitter account to, if your Pinterest account is a business account signing up via your business Twitter account is ideal as it will automatically add your bio and website information etc.
You can edit your profile at any time, it allows you to add a photo and information about yourself.
Screenshot 2014-12-23 at 11.36.48

Step 3
The Pinterest homepage is extremely similar to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter streams, it basically shows pins of who you follow.
Screenshot 2014-12-23 at 12.00.27

You can search any topic in the search bar to show you pins of that topic, and if your stuck with ideas click the search bar which shows you a list of categories from animals to weddings to help you search and explore pins.
Screenshot 2014-12-23 at 11.59.32

Step 4

Pinterest boards are where you store your pins, you can upload images and videos and repin your favourite pins. Creating boards on Pinterest is a great way to organise and display visual content from a business account perspective, it’s a simple way to show and organise your work or organise ideas or inspiration for example, for an easy way for users to search and find you. To create a board is very easy, your homepage screen displays a + button which once clicked gives the options to upload a pin, add from a website and create a board.

Screenshot 2014-12-23 at 11.58.13
By clicking on the last option, it will take you to this screen…

Screenshot 2014-12-23 at 12.07.06

You can name your board, add a description, category and keep it private etc. Users don’t have to follow your whole account they can follow just your boards.

Step 5

Uploading a pin, click on the + button again on your homepage which gives you the option to upload a pin. You can upload your own images and images you have found online from your computer, which you can add to a specific board or a new board and then hit Pin It!

Screenshot 2014-12-23 at 12.20.23

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