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Your New Digital Career

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A career in the fastest growing industry in the North East is waiting for you.

Employers across the North East are looking for young, talented and driven individuals to join and help grow their company through digital. We offer training through our courses along with hands on support to get you there.

Digital tech jobs and apprenticeships are available in our region covering everything from social media marketing, to website development and IT.

Our courses are FREE, easy to access and happening constantly in your area.

The RAW Way

We are by your side to support you before, during and after to improve your job prospects, enhance your CV and kick start your career. If you want to try out some of these courses before moving on to college or university - we’re here to help you.

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Digital Marketing Course:

  • Facebook for Business
  • Twitter for Business
  • How businesses use digital marketing
  • Logo creation & online design
  • Planning content
  • Understanding blogs
  • How to gain employment in digital

The skills they liked where my knowledge of social media, a big thank you to RAW Digital, you have helped me so much

Beth Coster

Website Creation Course

  • Build a website from scratch
  • Learn the importance of a website's front and back end
  • Understand how cyber security of websites can impact a business
  • Learn high level paid for online advertising techniques including how you can help companies reach thousands of people for only a few pounds.
  • Learn from industry experts, who will be providing tips and advice that will actually help you
  • Understand how to create a content plan

This course was amazing and really opened my eyes to everything available in the area. We covered so much in just a few days, I can’t believe how good it was

Adam Jenkins

Game Design & Development Course

  • Create your very own computer game, complete with characters, sounds and artwork
  • Discover new talents and learn new skills
  • Meet like-minded people and work in a team as part of our group challenge
  • Gain experience working with experts in the Games Design industry
  • Enhance your CV with highly technical and practical experience
  • Create contacts with Universities and industry experts
  • Open your door to a career in gaming

Cyber Security Course:

Keeping a business safe online is a huge priority for businesses across the region. Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing industries and there is a need across many sectors for experts. New roles are created all the time from apprenticeship level to higher level roles. Our course will give you an introduction to the Cyber Security industry and the many paths available.