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Zuckerberg talks about Facebook’s dislike button

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4th December 2014
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19th December 2014

“You know, we’re thinking about it” Zuckerberg says as he responds to the question.

He goes on to explain that the ‘Like button’ is a method that allows users to quickly express positive emotion or sentiment. The option to like posts has been a main staple for Facebook users for quote some time now, and is often the highest level of action users will commit to. Each day in fact, 4.5 billion ‘likes’ are issued through Facebook’s platform.

But there’s more than just positive emotions that users want to express, and this resulted in the very question of ‘why doesn’t Facebook have a dislike button’ being voted the highest in Facebook’s recent townhall Q&A,

Facebook’s founder elaborated that because content is shared that isn’t always happy and positive, sometimes news of a loved one passing, or a difficult situation, and people just aren’t comfortable clicking ‘Like’.

“But we need to figure out the right way to do it so it becomes a force for good, and not a force for bad and demeaning the post that people are putting out there”

Watch the video for yourself below.

Would you like to see a dislike button on Facebook? Have you ever stopped yourself from clicking ‘Like’ because it doesn’t seem appropriate?

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