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Royal Tweet: Queen Elizabeth II sends her first tweet

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Using the @BritishMonarchy Twitter account, the Queen today sent out her inaugural tweet at the launch of a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

This is the first tweet ever to come from a reigning UK monarch and could mark a great and significant step in how the monarchy communicates with its subjects.

Of course, it’s not the first tweet where the British Royals have used social media. In 2013, Clarence House famously used Twitter to announce the birth of Prince George of Cambridge.

And this is not the first occurrence of high profile leaders embracing social media to communicate with the common folk, US president Barack Obama has a history of using well known Google+ technology, Google Hangouts to answer questions from the public.

Using social media as a brand to communicate with our customers is, hopefully, something that is starting to feel normal for most of us, but is this a sign of things to come? Will we continue to see social media used to bridge the gap between we the people, and our fearless leaders?

You can watch the video of the Twitter moment below

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