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RAW Digital Training – My Experience.

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4th December 2015
Does Using Social Media Help Your Website get Found?
Does Using Social Media Help Your Website get Found?
22nd December 2015
My Time At RAW Digital Training: Jack Duncan

Week 1

When I first arrived at RAW I was both nervous and excited to get started. Considering they have such a small team, they are extremely knowledgeable and seem to have it all figured out. I also felt like I had just joined a family, everyone is close to one another and have a chemistry that is noticeable as soon as you step into the office, and this was just the first day. Throughout the week I was tasked with managing the social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc…) I was a little sceptical at first on what I should be posting, for example I wasn’t sure what sort of articles I should be looking for, and what tips I should be looking to put out but with a little time I was getting right into it. Furthermore, I was introduced to a platform called Hootsuite which is basically a platform that allows you to schedule tweets/posts across the week so it can then automatically post them at the times you’ve set. This was honestly the most useful tool I had seen when it comes to social media, it works wonders. Another task I had been asked to take a stab at was using WordPress to help them with their new website, I had the task of making sure that all of the case studies and training courses had relevant images to go with the copy. I had also been invited to attend some of the workshops they provide. I attended a content creation/curation workshop at Boho 5 led by James Lane (Director of training) which was extremely interesting and helped me a lot as it was all about what my role was at RAW so I could use the training to transfer it into my work here.

s weatherall.jpg-large

One of the workshops I attended.

Week 2

After the first full week I was more settled into the team and felt like I was able to relax more when working. I was eager to learn new skills and develop more on different aspects of media, so that is when Sophie Kyle, the marketing assistant at RAW asked me to do some blogging which was something I had previously done before a couple of years ago. However, it was on a different platform. This time I was using WordPress again to blog about a subject of my choice, I enjoyed blogging because it’s just all about opinions in the end. My blog was uploaded to RAW’s website which was like a little personal achievement for me. Just like the first week I had the opportunity to attend another training workshop, this one was Email Marketing which was lead by Daniel Dixon, another Digital and Social media trainer. During this session I learned a lot about email marketing tool (Mail Chimp) what it was capable of and how to use it to it’s full potential, this was the most interesting workshop I feel because of the amount I learnt about the power that emailing really has on marketing. Furthermore, I decided when I had some spare time, I would create my CV on Canva, this was Sophie’s idea, she convinced me that it would look good, and after making it I have to agree, it looks pretty great.


Check out one of the blogs I wrote.


 Week 3

Just like the previous weeks, I start off by checking the multiple social media platforms for updates, feedback or responses. Because it was my last week I felt I had to make sure that all the social media had scheduled posts for when I left, so I spent the first hour making sure there was relevant posts to go out over the week. I was made an admin on a LinkedIn group that keeps members up to date with Digital media related news, so I always post at least one update a day that I and hopefully others find interesting. After posts throughout week 1 and 2 I realised that I raised their LinkedIn engagement which for me was something I could be proud of, after just 2 weeks here. Also this week I attended their ‘Social Media Masterclass’ workshop which covers, everything within Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Hootsuite. Even though I had already attended workshops in previous weeks that cover these platforms, I still managed to learn new interesting facts and figures. I found out about some really incredible things, like for example, more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. When you really think about that, you realise how crazy it actually is…All in all, my experience at RAW Digital Training couldn’t have been better. I have learned so much over the past three weeks, I’ve not only increased my digital and social media skills, but I’ve also experienced ‘work life’ which in the end was what I done this for. This is all my opinion, but I would definitely recommend RAW Digital Training.

RAW Digital training xmas

Thank you, RAW Digital Training.

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