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13th September 2015

First Class Learning

Our Director of Training James Lane, was invited to deliver the keynote speech at the annual conference for English and Maths tuition tutoring organisation, First Class […]
13th August 2015

Help @RAWDigi win the North East’s Most Social Business

We are so proud to have helped so many of you boost your social skills.  We’re now asking for your help too, we’re in the running […]
30th June 2015
Boost Your Business

Boost Your Business With Facebook & RAW Digital Training

8th June 2015

Joanna Wake has done it again!

We would love to share the great news with you all of Joanna Wake’s amazing accomplishment! To RAW’s delight Joanna has become a winner of a […]
22nd April 2015

We’re Delivering Free Seminars!

Where? Joanna Wake and James Lane will both be speaking at The North East EXPO, Kingston Park Stadium, Newcastle on the 29th April.  The seminars will take […]
20th April 2015

We’re Award Winners!

Over the month of March we accomplished some pretty amazing achievements, we are absolutely thrilled to announce our very own Joanna Wake has become The Social […]
15th April 2015
My time at RAW Digital Training Ltd

My time spent at RAW Digital Training

I have had an incredible time over the past few months at RAW, everyone has been so easy to get on with and welcoming, its like […]
17th March 2015

We’ve been shortlisted for the North East Business Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that our company has been shortlisted for the Services Award from the prestigious North East Business Awards 2015.
13th March 2015

Free workshops available for businesses!

If you’re a small or medium local business and struggling to keep up to date in the digital age, we’ve got great news for you…
12th March 2015

Social Media Trainer

We are looking for a social media superstar to join our fantastic team, is that you? We would love to hear from you if so. We […]
5th February 2015

Why have we rebranded?

First of all welcome to RAW Digital Training!
12th November 2014

Best New Business Award Nominee 2014

When RAW Marketing was nominated for the Best New Business Awards last year, we were really pleased to have been recognised so early on.  You can […]
12th November 2014

RAW Digital Training partners with Hootsuite

RAW Digital Training is proud to announce that we are now a Hootsuite Solution Partner Hootsuite is a social media management system for businesses and organisations […]
18th September 2014

100 Faces Of Stockton

The 100 Faces Of Stockton project is aimed to get residents of Stockton to take a photo of personalities and characters that they feel embody the […]
18th September 2014

Get involved With Social Media Week At Digital House

We’ll be kick starting Social Media Week along with 9 countries, 11 cities, 1,000 events and 3,000 speakers next week. Don’t worry if you can’t pop to the Social Media […]
9th July 2014

Hello From All of us at RAW Marketing

Here at RAW Marketing we help our clients get online, and we’d like to think we’ve done a good job so far. We are less than […]
22nd May 2014

Best New Business Award Nominee 2013

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