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22nd September 2016
Social Media Weekly Digest October
Social Media Weekly Digest
7th October 2016
Social Media Weekly Digest October

In this weeks Social Media Weekly Digest, we’ve got updates and announcements from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.


There’s lots of rumours arising that Snapchat are building Augmented Reality Glasses. The rumour has been circulating for quite some time, but Snapchat have recently joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). SIG is an industry body that oversees the licensing of Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to manufacturers, usually organisations that sign up to SIG do so to release a wireless device.

Months leading up to joining SIG, they’ve previously recruited for wearable experts, and bought the headset manufacturer Vengeance Labs. There’s lots of tell tale signs that Snapchat could be launching wearable AR devices, or AR Apps. But until then we can’t speculate what these may entail, but we will keep you updated.


Facebook Messenger

You can now message and video call at the same time using Facebook Messenger, meaning you don’t need to choose or leave the applications to use one of them. The video call can use both your front and rear camera and can be accessed using the video camera symbol in the top right bar of your chat. Users are now constantly searching for more convenient approaches and Facebook has definitely made Facebook Messenger more adaptable.

What Friends Are Talking About

Facebook is testing a new feature, ‘What friends are talking about’ – the feature aims to increase conversations with friends by gathering posts shared by your friends at the top of your newsfeed within a specific section for you to see. The trial is currently only being tested by a limited number of Facebook users, and who knows if the feature will be chosen to appear in everyone’s timelines.


Longer Tweets

Twitter has finally announced that it’s users will be able to Tweet longer tweets. The character limit will stay the same, but now adding media to your tweet won’t count towards the 140 character limit!

Tackling Fake News

Facebook and Twitter have both joined a network to stop the circulation of fake news. First Draft Coalition, formed in 2015 with the goal to reduce the amount of fake news online. Facebook and Twitter have both been heavily criticised recently due to their poor efforts, but joining the network will definitely improve their efforts.


LinkedIn is having a huge overhaul to increase communication with their users, become more engaging and making sure their users don’t miss a trick. They are using aspects of their mobile App to improve their messaging service, which at the moment displays lots of pop-ups and isn’t exactly user friendly. We will also be seeing an “Interest Feed” which will display what’s trending so their users miss anything. LinkedIn has said that their new features and redesign will be rolling out very soon!

Stay tuned for reviews and updates about the new updates featured within this Social Media Weekly Digest!

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