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Social Media Weekly Digest October

It’s been quite a quiet week on the social media updates scene this week, we are sharing updates from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook with you in this week’s Social Media Weekly Digest.


Open Candidates

LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature which enables their users to turn on a feature which allows their users to be discovered by job opportunities and search for jobs without their boss knowing. Once the feature ‘Open Candidates’ is switched on, it alerts job recruiters that the user is open to opportunities.

How-to Guide

Log in to your LinkedIn account, navigate to ‘Jobs’ on the top bar, this will take you to the page below, click Preferences as shown by the arrow.

LinkedIn Job Preferences Tab

This will then take you to the page below, click on to the on/off button to turn on the signal feature. You can also add what type of job you’re interested in within the ‘Relevant job recommendations’ below.

LinkedIn Job Preferences



Twitter has now enabled it’s users to add their Periscope profile to their users bio. To do this head to ‘Edit Profile’ and simply click on to the box shown below!

Twitter Periscope Link




If you don’t know already Workplace has been around for two years now, originally named Facebook for Work. Facebook has announced it is now complete, and it’s now ready to be sold to paying businesses. Workplace aims to enable businesses employees to communicate better using various functions of Facebook, for example Facebook Video rather than phone calls, sharing updates rather than newsletters and collaborate with other businesses easily.

Is Workplace free?

No, it’s users have a 3 month trial and then it works on a per user basis, ranging from $3 to $1 depending on the size of the business.


Do you think Workplace would work in your working environment? Please share with us any other updates you’ve come across this week that we have missed in this week’s Social Media Weekly Digest!

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