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20th January 2015
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5th February 2015

Social media marketing campaigns are often a way for brands to target their markets using humour. Humour is used to ensure brands and their promotional messages are likeable, shareable and retweetable in the hope of becoming a viral campaign. Usually viral campaigns contain brand messages which are light hearted, however in this case St. John’s Ambulance took to social media to promote a very serious campaign, #TheChokeables.

St. John’s Ambulance produced a short video to be shared amongst social media to highlight the danger of choking within children, the campaign demonstrates what you should do if you are ever near a child who is choking. The video features voices of David Walliams, David Mitchell and Johnny Vegas and Sir John Hurt, by using voices of well known comedians and actors viewers are able to recognise and remember the campaign. Which ultimately was the goal of St. John’s Ambulance’s campaign for people to watch and remember what to do in a choking incident. #TheChokeables campaign received 4 million views within the first 10 days, a pretty impressive figure?

This week St. John’s Ambulance tweeted…


We think saving 7 lives is more impressive than 4 million views which couldn’t of happened without the use of social media! Social media campaigns target such a vast amount of people making it the essential platform for the viral spread of serious messages, in this case a life saving message!

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