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26th September 2014
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22nd October 2014

This week Jemima Khan launched the UNICEF #WAKEUPCALL campaign, similar to the ALS #IceBucketChallenge and Cancer Research UKs #NoMakeUpSelfie campaigns which were without a doubt hugely successful and powerful in the past year. The #WAKEUPCALL campaign aims to nominate celebrities and ordinary people to post a video/picture of themselves as soon as they wake up to Twitter, with the intention to wake up peoples ignorance to the children of Syria affected by conflict. Each person must donate to UNICEF to raise awareness and money for the children of Syria. The campaign has seen numerous celebrities morning faces from Nigella Lawson to Naomi Campbell but our favourite has to be Jeremy Clarkson and Heston Blumenthal…

With 2.1k retweets and 3.7k favourites, it is clear why charities are taking to Social Media and involving celebrities to spread their campaigns, we hope to see many more #WAKEUPCALL tweets to help the cause!

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