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A guide to Twitter hours: When, How and Why

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5th August 2014
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Guide to Twitter hours, what they are and how you take part

When we’re training people on Twitter, the topic of Twitter hours traditionally comes up, and we’re often asked what/when they are and how to take part.  So here’s a list of the Twitter hours that occur within the region, and how they work.

I’ve listed some of the more popular sessions, but first let’s take a look at what Twitter lists are and how you get involved.

Twitter hour - the guide to North East twitter hours

What is a Twitter hour?

A Twitter hour is a one hour segment of a day dedicated to sharing content, introducing yourself/your business and helping to promote other members.  So, think of it as a focussed session of fellow businesses getting online and helping to promote you and your business, in exchange for you helping to promote them.

What do I need to?

Set up a search in your preferred Twitter client so you can keep up with the conversation.  We recommend Hootsuite, so head to your dashboard, click + Add Stream, and go to the Search tab, select the Twitter profile you want to use and then enter the name of the Twitter hour in the “Enter search query:” field; click Add Stream and you’re all set.

The stream will update every few minutes to show you all of the conversations containing the hashtag you’ve chosen (or you can manually refresh the stream by clicking on the “Refresh Stream” icon at the top of the column.  From the same stream, you can easily retweet (add the message to your timeline so your followers see it too) or reply (send a message back to the sender).  By clicking on the profile name of the person who sent each tweet, you can follow them (get their tweets in your timeline) and see more information about them (bio information etc.).

Which Twitter hours can I participate in?

Here’s a list of the some of the more popular hours in the region, when they take place and a nifty way to add them directly to your Google calendar.


When: Wednesday’s between 2pm and 3pm (UK time)

Where: Covers the Teesside area

Here’s the latest top tweets relating to #Teestime


When: Monday’s between 8pm and 9pm (UK time)

When: Tuesday’s between 2pm and 3pm (UK time)

Where: Covers the North East of England

Here’s the latest top tweets relating to #NorthEastHour


When: Friday’s between 10am and 11am (UK time)

Where: Covers the Cleveland area.

Here’s the latest top tweets relating to #ClevelandHour

What is expected of me/What is the Twitter hour etiquette?

The purpose of the hour is to help businesses reach new people (followers) they may not normally be able to [easily] reach.

You’re encouraged to follow members participating in the Twitter hour, and retweet the tweets tagged with the corresponding hashtag.  If done correctly, Twitter hours can be used as a method to build your followers, connect with local businesses and reach new people.

It certainly should not be a sole method of promotion, but it can be a fun way to engage with fellow businesses in your region.  Be aware that content that you retweet will appear in the timeline of your followers, consider what your followers expect from your brand and make sure that the tweets you’re sending out either as your own content, or retweets, are consistent with that expectation.

Did we miss any must-do hours?  Which is your favourite Twitter hour and why?  Let us know in the comments section underneath.

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